Thursday, November 17, 2016

ABC Celebration in Mactzul I

For the last couple of weeks. each community has been planning and celebrating their end of the year successes.

I had the opportunity to attend Mactzul I with Cesar and Esteban. It is amazing how a small community can be creative with different activities.

The first activity was a young girl who was able to quote all of the books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelations.

The second activity was these two ladies having a contest to see who could drink a bottle of Coke the fastest.  The little girl cheered her mom on but the lady on the left won.

There was a total of fifteen activities.

This was the beginning of the story of Noe and the ark.  It was one of the best presentations I have seen.

Then they gave out the awards to different children who had done well in their classes.
This really drew my attention because I see how this young lady is now taller than her father.  It is due to proper nutrition and what the ABC Program offers with medical and dental care.

 We had a good day celebrating with Mactzul I

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