Thursday, December 12, 2013

ABC Celebration

We have had two full days of ABC Celebration!! It has been a wonderful time catching up with ABC Children and their families.  It is a time of celebration and thankfulness for everyone. It is exciting to see the children progress to the next level in school and to see how the program benefits the whole family.

The different congregations had skits through the day.

It was obvious that a lot of thought, time and preparation went into the skits.

Many skits were based on stories or parables from the Bible.

Our dental team did a skit on dental care and how brushing and flossing created happier and healthier teeth.

Awards were handed out for the ABC Children whose dental check-ups had improved.

One group did an impression of Lisa and Kemmel.  It was done well and demonstrates how much the communities and churches appreciate the work that Lisa and Kemmel do.  They work non-stop and are always available when there is a need.

One group of children receive awards for their achievements.  It is based on school grades, dental and physical check-ups and participation in the ABC Program.

One community gave Lisa a beautiful corte/ skirt and she wore it for the afternoon activities.

It was a great two days. When I drove the cooks back to Quiche, I asked them how many meals they had prepared.  They responded with 1,2000 meals for the two days and then all four of them fell asleep as I drove.  It was a very quite ride to Quiche.

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