Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Long time............

Well, after a long break it is time to have the blog running again……Time has flown!  We finished the year with a lot of activity and then visited our families in The States  It was nice to be in NC over the holidays and to be with family and friends. I was able to visit with the South Fork Chuch of Christ, the Morganton Church of Christ and also members from Lenoir. The only disappointment was NO snow…..but I will survive!

So it is back to clinics!  Things will be different without Sara this year but it will be OK. We wish her the best as she has moved to Mexico.  

Anna, a nurse from Santa Cruz will be working with us. I think that she will be a good addition to the team.  I will have to work on getting a photo of her.
We had a good clinic in Chajbal today.  It was small but good to get back in the here we go!!!

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