Monday, November 23, 2015

The Work Continues...................

It is unbelievable that I have taken this long of break from the blog.  The time has flown and so much has happened.  I do not even know where to begin.

I do know that my prayer request list has continued to get longer and longer.  I told Lisa the other day that sometimes I think God tires from hearing my requests but I know that is not true.  But I do know, that it is equally important to lay prayers of thanksgiving before Him as well.

So, my list of requests:  parents health, Sally and her family, the work of HTI and the strength of the leaders, Kemmel, Lisa, Sara and family, Sandra and familly, Aura, all of the workers, Anna, Roberta, Marleny, Sofia, Santos, Pascuala, that ASELSI can find a physician to work with them, Carol's travels, Jennifer and family, Erin and family, Katy and family, Rick, Jo, Selwyn's family, Cecy and her exams, Martina and famiily, Mary and Jim, Dustin, Sandy, South Fork searching for a new minister, the work in India.........and the list goes on.

List of thanksgiving:  for family, friends and the people that I work with, our safe travels, recent baptisms here in Guatemala, South Fork Church of Christ, Hennessee Church of Christ, Morganton Church of Christ, Dave and Susan's son Matt, Julie, improvement with Marleny and Sofia, recent surgeries that have gone so well, recent rains that did not cause many problems, Magdna, being able to pray with people and their willingness to listen, Santos, Gaspar and his work following up with patients, the ABC program and the people that contribute to that..............and the list goes on.

A few months ago I wanted to post this photo and now is the perfect time.  This photo demonstrates why I enjoy Guatemala and the work that we do.

Lisa went to visit a lady behind our clinic that has respiratory problems.  She needed some medicine so I took it to her.  We visited for a while, had a Coke and a Club cracker and then as we left, a family member picked some fresh greens from her garden to show her gratitude.  Kemmel titled the photo, "Lisa and Sheri with their pay."  I did not know that he was taking it until I saw it posted  :)

Anyway, the blog is up and running again.  We are beginning to wrap up the year.......we have about 3 more weeks of clinic and activities. 


Mom said...

I have missed your blogs!!!! I hope that this time, you will get more responses!!!! I don't think people realize how much their comments mean to you!!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day...There will be a place at our table for YOU...We love and miss you!!!!! See you soon!!!!!

Kemmel and Lisa Dunham said...

Glad you're back!

terry5 said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Good to see you back. I am thankful for you and your work in Guatemala.
Linda Osborne