Thursday, February 22, 2024

Team Building Class and Diabetic Club

I knew today would be a busy day but that is ok.

Marissa, out psychologist, has been doing team activities with the nursing group.  She is good with dynamics and involving people, when they rather not be involved. It was good to see some people open up and participate.

Following the class with Marissa, the Diabetic Club met. Baldemar was invited to speak to the group about spirituality in our life.
When Baldemar finished, Dr. Allen spoke to the group about carbohydrates, activity and medications.

It was a well balanced day. After lunch, we did consults with everyone in the class.  I was disappointment a few patients did not return.  I know you can not force people to participate, even when you know their health is at risk.  Maybe they will rethink it and join us again next month.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

What is Guatemalan Known For??

If I were to ask you what you think of when you think of Guatemala, I would hope that most people would be thinking and planning for their next trip with Health Talents!! If you are one of those people, please let me know and I will be glad to answer questions that you may have and be thrilled to help you with those plans.

Another common thought that accompanies Guatemala is coffee!  Yes, it is a popular export here and we offer the opportunity to buy whole bean and ground before you return to the states.

Obdulio was also thinking of coffee when he made his last creation. He sent me a photo of this, the evening that he finished it.

When it was finished, I found it's home near the dental area.
Tomorrow, we will have a busy day!  Tomorrow we have a nursing meeting with Marissa and then the diabetic club meets, followed by clinic.

Stay tuned.......and remember you are welcome to come and enjoy some coffee with us!

Monday, February 19, 2024

Ezell is for Clinic, Surgery, and Physical/ Emotional Therapy!

Today, I spent the majority of my time with Kemmel, Milton, Obdulio and Cristofer reviewing the goals of the ABC Program and the responsibilities of all those involved. For those who have spent time with me, you know that I love the program because that is what the foundation is......responsibility. We do not want to develop dependency, at any level.

Milton has just started working with the program so this was a good time to review.

When we finished for the day, Lisa and I walked around the clinic a few times. We met Manuela, one of our dentist. She had brought her children back to play with Javier!

If you have been to Ezell, you probably have met Manuela and she is a great addition here.  Her husband, Kevin, preaches from time-to-time at the Montellano congregation.

Her son is Pablo and he is 4 years old.  Katy is her daughter and she is 1 year old.

Some projects are coming along......and as I mentioned the other day, do not blink or your miss something!
More to follow, in the days to come.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Don't Blink at Ezell!

Let me tell you, a lot is happening here at Ezell.  If you blink, it will suddenly appear different!

We lost a tree, as it was just getting too close to power lines and did not want to risk damage.

We have many projects going on and some of them are cute!
Other projects require heavier materials and these were delivered early this morning.
As I was leaving to go celebrate a birthday, I saw the guys working in the shade with this huge green, "thing."  My curiosity won over so I had to stop and see what it is.
They told me that our new friend's name was Javier!
I enjoy watching the guys work together, be creative and have fun at the same time.

The next afternoon, Javier was completed and found his home not too far from the entrance of the  dental area.
 Good job guys!

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Second Surgery Team of 2024

We recently completed the second team of 2024 with Gyn and Plastic Surgeries. Several of the team members, I had not seen before COVID so it was a great reunion.  Also, we had several people come for their first time.  Bode led the trip, Kemmel and Lisa were with us and we sailed pretty good.  As I like to say, "We all stayed in the boat!!

As I am trying to get back to blogging, there are several things that happen in a day that we do not take take time to pause and reflect on.  Everything is so hurried. We need to find a PAUSE button in the day, even though it is not easy.  I will talk about this more later.

During the week of surgery, we performed twenty GYN surgeries and nineteen Plastic surgeries. 

One of the big surprises for me was when I saw Bryan's mom!  Bryan had surgery with us when he was less than two years old...........


Now, Bryan is seven years old!

Now you understand why I did not recognize Bryan.  His parents have not changed so I was glad that I saw them.  Since they live near Chichicastenango, the father spent the night across the street in the Montellano Church of Christ. I am thankful that the church has opened their doors to us and families that live very far away.

When it came time for the the team to leave for Antigua, it was the first time that we had been photo-bombed! We had finished the photo and were getting ready to pray for safe travels and this lady comes running up and yelling for us to wait and she got into position!  It was quite entertaining so everyone resumed and we got another shot!

It was a good week and we prayed for safe travels.  After a week of work and perspiration, YES, it is still very hot here in was time to relax for a day.

Soon it will be time to return and prep for the team coming in March.  We will provide Eye and Orth surgeries. If you have not joined a team and are interested, please contact.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Farwell to January and Almost February

I wish that I could tell you where January 2024 went. I remember the moment it started in Guatemala City and after that, it has been a whirlwind.

Many good things have happened but I have not kept you informed.

We had our first surgical clinic of 2024 and it went well.  We provided GYN and General surgery for 57 patients.

This was the team, as they prepared to head to Antigua.

In January, we also had the coordinators of the ABC Program join us for a day.  We wanted to involve them more and raise awareness of the services that the ABC Program provides.

The Nutritional Class met and had an activity with Marissa.
We are now helping with the issue of Dengue, as the cases increase in this area. We are helping clean in the community and also with the effort of education and prevention.

The Diabetic Club continues to meet monthly.  
As we prepare to enter February, I hope to get back into blogging more and keeping you informed of our activities.

Monday, December 18, 2023

November in One Breath

The month of November flew actually flew! So, I will recap some of the main activities.

We had two surgical trips in November. I briefly mentioned the first one in a previous post.  

The second surgical clinic was an eye clinic.  The ending report showed that 81 surgeries were completed. We are thankful for those and pray that the patients continue to do well as they recuperate. 

We had two nursing students help us during the surgical weeks and I want to introduce them to you.

First is Yonni.  Yonni, as a young child had plastic surgery.  After this experience, he decided that he wanted to go into healthcare and become a nurse.  He is now 18 years old, will soon graduate and has done well. We was able to visit with Dr. Philip earlier this year and it was a special reunion!

Victoria is also in the nursing program. She came for a dental visit, when she was 14 years old and then decided she wanted a healthcare. She is now 24 years old and will soon be a nurse.
We wish both of these students the best, as they graduate and begin their professional careers.
We also had a ladies seminar with Michelle, Wendy and Brenda
Several of our staff participated in the three day seminar, there were almost 50 in attendance and good participation.

A final photo of the group.
Living in the extremely warm, coastal area, we have the honor to have a lot of Dengue. We recently had some education on the illness.
Then we had an opportunity to seek out areas that mosquitos can be easily found.
Prevention is the is one of the keys.

Our monthly Diabetic Club continues to do well.  This month, we had Baldemar visit and talk about our spiritual needs.

The Nutritional Class also met.  Marissa, our psychologist, met with the group and presented some education and play therapy.
We had a 3 day seminar with Marvin, that included close to 80 young people.  Here is a group of them after worship on Sunday.
After the music seminar, we closed the year.  It was an exciting year......we accomplished a lot but there is always more to do
It will be good to return in January and start another year of service with Health Talents.s